Silicone Furniture Polish

Product Description
SHINE ON is made with the highest quality wax and the finest silicones. It provides an excellent shine and enhanced protection against moisture, wear and tear. SHINE ON cleans as it polishes, enhancing the appearance of the furniture

Areas of Use
Use SHINE ON with confidence on furniture woodwork such as desks, cabinets and pianos. It is also effective on non-wood surfaces such as glass, mirrors and plastic surfaces of office equipment.

Special Features
 Cleans and shines easily, leaving a smooth, glossy surface without build-up
 Provides an effective protective barrier against moisture, wear and tear
 Safe and easy to use on all furniture
 No hazardous ingredients and non-polluting
 Economical and efficient performance when compared with aerosols

Directions for Use
– Shake bottle well before application.
– Application can be direct by using a soft damp cloth or using a trigger sprayer.
– Apply evenly over surface.
– After the polish dries, use another piece of soft, dry cloth to buff to a brighter lustre.

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by drinking water and seek medical help. If product enters eyes, flush with water and seek medical help.


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