KLEN 1402

Sanitizing Cleaner

Product Description
KLEN 1402 is USDA approved as a final wash for food processing areas, with no further rinsing by water required. It degreases, cleans and disinfects against a broad range of pathogenic microorganisms. KLEN 1402 provides effective cleaning and sanitizing for food establishments.

Special Features
 USDA Rating: D2 ~ sanitizing for surfaces not always requiring a rinse.
 Biodegradable; US EPA registration # 1459-68.
 Patented Positive Emulsion Cleaning to effectively emulsify grease and oil.
 Formulated with water conditioners and low foaming agents for practicality as a final rinse in itself.
 Fungicidal against the pathogenic fungi Trichophyton mentagrophytes and if used according to AOAC dilution, also effective against following:
1) Escherichia Coli 2) Salmonella Choleraesuis
3) Streptococcus aureus 4) Pseudomonas aeruginosa PRD -10

Directions for Use
Use KLEN 1402 with confidence in meat-rooms, poultry processing areas, food outlets and other food related establishments at the following dilutions:
General sanitizing ~ 1:80
Cleaning & disinfecting ~ 1:30
Pseudomonas treatment ~ 1:20

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact.


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