Power View

Product Description
POWER VIEW is an outstanding cleaning solution for all glass surfaces. It effectively removes grime, oil films and dust without leaving any residue or streaks. The gleaming shine lasts longer because POWER VIEW resists re-soiling, even finger marks. This product is also excellent on other hard, glass-like surfaces such as porcelain, chrome or glazed wall tiles.

Areas of Use
Use POWER VIEW on all your glass-like surfaces such as windows, mirrors, windscreens, display cases, glass counters, TV screens, smooth tiles, vases etc.

Special Features
 Prevents re-soiling of surface, reduces frequency of cleaning
 Does not stain, discolour or corrode metal, glass and plastic under normal use
 Contain no phosphate and is safe on hands
 Fully biodegradable

Directions for use
Various methods of application are possible:
– Spot cleaning – apply undiluted by sprayer to surface and wipe dry with a soft clean
– Full surface wash – apply product, diluted with up to 1~2 times water, with lambswool
applicator, sponge or cloth, then dry off with a squeegee.
– When cleaning external surfaces on a hot day, use POWER VIEW diluted with water
to slow drying time.

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by
drinking water and seek medical help. If product enters eyes, flush with water and seek
medical help if discomfort persists.


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