Product Description
DAY BREAK’s unique formulation provides efficient cleaning performance, effective disinfection properties and a persistent and scintillating fragrance to mask malodours. DAY BREAK is formulated especially for regular cleaning and deodorizing of public areas.

Areas of Use
DAY BREAK is ideal for floors, walks and other hard surfaces in toilets, locker rooms, refuse bins; and disposal centres in hospitals, commercial buildings, shopping centres and railroad/bus/airport terminals and all institutions where a clean and healthy working environment is important.

Special Features
 Effective against odours formed by bacterial decomposition of organic matter.
 New improved formula gives incredibly long lasting fragrance, producing a pleasant powdery scent through conjugation with a malodor.
 Strong disinfectant makes it especially suitable for toilet deodorizing.

Directions for use
Dilution rates and application methods vary for different situations. Generally recommended dilution rates with water are:
– Adding to carpet shampoo for deodorizing and disinfecting badly soiled carpets ~ 1:120
– Mopping of toilet floors ~ 1:80
– Cleaning of wall, floor and sanitary areas ~ 1:40
– Spraying into the atmosphere (in solution tank of sprayer) ~ 1:5

As with most chemical products, avoid ingestion and eye contact. If ingested, dilute by drinking water and seek medical help. If product enters eyes, flushing with water should be sufficient. However, seek medical help if discomfort persists.


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