TL 43 – 180

The TP/TL43 180, TP/TL43 400 and TP/TL43 DS are professional single disc machines, electrically powered and with belt drive, available in the 43 cm working width version.

The “belt brush traction” ensures high speeds; this technical solution is used to obtain the 400 rpm version (TP/TL43 400) for dry maintenance or polishing operations, the 180 rpm version (TP/TL43 180) for hard cleaning, or the dual speed version (180/400 rpm – TP/TL43 DS), activated by the simple push of a button – for polishing operations.

Drive Steel
Rated Power Watt 1100
Number of Revolution Rpm 180
Brush mm 430
Pad Holder mm 430
Tank Capacity Ltr 15
Weight Kg 40
Size L x H x W Cm 46 x 120 x 56
*  Belt system  *

Additional information

Including Accesories

– Scrubbing Brush
– Pad Holder
– Water Tank
– 3M S/B Pad 17" Red & White


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