Ergodisc 1200

Ultra-high-speed single disc machine –
for ultra-high-speed burnishing
Key features
• Ergonomics
• Speed
• Simplicity
• Versatility
The ergodisc 1200 is especially suited for buffing, spray cleaning
and burnishing.
Designed for speed
A brilliant shine in half the time. Ease of use (straight-line action)
and ultra-high speed ensures shiny, slip-resistant floors in a fraction
of the usual time. The front steering wheel results in greater
manoeuvrability and straight-line action. A large working width
(50cm / 20 in) and a superb ability to remove traffic marks means
the TASKI ergodisc 1200 is ideal for larger areas.
Better working conditions improve productivity through:
• Anatomically-formed grip
• Adjustable handle bar height
• Low vibration level
• Low noise level
• Soft start characteristics
Creates a safer working environment through:
• Hand protection due to closed handle
• Double safety lock
Ease of use results in improved efficiency through ease of:
• Training and operation
• Attachment of accessories, no tools required
• Storage and transportation, enabled by a foldable handle


Working Width = 50cm

Speed = 1200 rpm

Weight = 42 kg

Motor height = 43 cm

Nominal Consumption = 1300 watt

Voltages 230 V/ 50 Hz

Cable Length = 25 m

Noise Level = 57 dB(A)

Protection Level I

Approvals = CE/CB Test Cert/ OVE ? SEV/ CSA



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