Heavy Duty Floor Scrubber / Sander

Features and Applications
This is a heavy duty workhorse that not only weighs more, but has a stronger motor to drive and sustain the increased weight. The Cyclone S510 does almost everything that regular scrubbers do, only faster. This is due to the simple principle that more pressure produces better and quicker cleaning results.

• Breaking up permanent floor coatings
• Sanding and smoothing new cement floors
• Sanding used wood flooring
• Crystallization of marble floors
• Stripping old, multi-layered floor finish


Working width cm 43
Brush / Pad speed rpm 165
Operating weight (WITHOUT detergent / solution) kg 57
Operating height clearance (brush housing / motor body) cm 27
Sound level dB(A) 60
Power rating : Minimum / Maximum W 1600
Mains supply V / Hz 230 / 50
Cable length m 12


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