Taski AERO 8/15 Dry Vacuum Cleaner

AERO 8 / 15
Highest efficiency with low noise emission made by TASKI
TASKI AERO 8 and 15
The TASKI AERO 8/15 high-efficiency vacuum cleaner uses state-of-theart
technology and has a super-efficient motor. With the patented TASKI
whisper technology, the vacuum cleaner works ultra-silently. What’s more,
replacement of parts such as cables and filters is simplified by clever design
and can be carried out by the user in seconds without the need for
any tools.
TASKI AERO 8/15 brings you:
• Compact and robust TASKI design
• Sustainable high-efficiency concept
• Ultra-silent TASKI whisper technology
• Designed and tested according to operational best practice
Compact and robust TASKI design
The functional, compact and robust design allows for storage in small
spaces or cupboards. The integrated ergonomic handle also makes it very
easy to carry and provides a simple and convenient manual cable tidy.
Sustainable high-efficiency concept
The new TASKI AERO tub vacuum cleaners are highly efficient and use
a 585W state-of-the-art vacuum motor, which delivers the same cleaning
performance as vacuums with 900W or more. This is achieved through an
ingenious airflow system. As a result, the vacuum cleaner saves significant
amounts of energy and reduces CO2 emissions without compromising on
cleaning results in any way.
Ultra-silent TASKI whisper technology
Thanks to the innovative and patented TASKI whisper technology, the
TASKI AERO is extremely quiet. This low noise level means it can be
operated in any environment at any time of day or night.
Designed and tested according to operational best practice
The product is designed for very frequent professional cleaning in any
environment. Every aspect of the product is based on an extensive
customer and process evaluation with the aim of delivering the highest
cleaning quality and best operating efficiency. In terms of ergonomic
design, TASKI AERO is unmatched, with a foot pedal switch, a high-quality
accessories set as standard.


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