The Best dry Upright Vacuum Cleaner you can experience


Current models are derived from years of design advancements, feature enhancements and continuous quality improvements to what were already proven machines from the world’s leading professional upright vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

These highly ergonomic & premium quality machines deliver the ultimate carpet vacuuming performance.
Upright vacs clean carpets better than canister vacs . The powered brush ‘combs’ the carpet pile, loosening embedded dirt to be sucked away. They increase productivity as the user is less fatigued from pushing/pulling the wheeled suction head.

All SEBO uprights feature:

telescopic hose system for cleaning hard to reach areas

3 stage filtration system w/3 ply high performance paper filter bag

safety catch prevents machine operation without filter bag fastened

electronic monitoring and indication of brush wear and filter bag status

on board accessories always within reach

flat to the floor profile for cleaning under furniture


The radically improved SEBO XP 10 / 20 is incomparably user friendly due to its extremely lightweight upright section that needs to be supported by the user.

It provides standard S class filtration that removes pollen and microscopic dust particles such as dust mite faeces , making it ideal for sufferers of allergy and asthma.

Features :

Automatic brush height adjustment for uneven carpet surfaces, and moving
between carpet and hard floors without manual adjustment

S class secondary filter sock with 99.9% efficiency

Lightweight upper machine body for fatigue free use

Safety shut off when suction blockage detected

Tool free brush replacement

High suction power
Convenient brush


Technical Specifications =

Suction Motor Max = 890 W

Airflow = 43,3 L/Sec

Brush width = 310 mm

Filter bag Capacity (3 Layer) = 5,3 L

sound level = 80 dB(A)

Weight = 7,8 kg


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