Sub Compact Battery Power Rider Sweeper 6100

  1. Effectively capture dust and debris with efficient, one-pass sweeping
  2. 360-degree sightlines and superb maneuverability even through standard doorways
  3. Reduced maintenance and repair costs with reliable, high-quality TennantTrue® parts and engineering

With its quality engineering and fume-free battery power, the 6100 delivers virtually continuous operation on a variety of floor surfaces. Efficient one-pass cleaning offers easy maneuverability through tight spaces, helping increase productivity.

Worry-free durability
Solid steel frame, hydraulic oil system and no-tool brush changes keep the reliable 6100 up and running – increasing machine uptime.

excellent sweeping and dust control
This highly versatile sweeper cleans a variety of surfaces from smooth concrete to finished floors including carpet. The 6100 reduces filter cleaning time and air-borne dust with its patented VCS® filter-shaking system.

Easy operation increases productivity
With excellent sightlines and easy-to-use controls, the compact 6100 helps operators maneuver with confidence – even through standard doorways. The easy-glide hopper can be quickly removed using the sturdy handle and built-in wheels.


The 6100’s small and maneuverable frame makes it easy to move through most doorways, congested spaces, and on/off elevators.

Must-have options
Extend cleaning reach
Access hard-to-reach areas with the optional instantly activated vacuum wand or choose the QuickMop® dry-mop attachment for a wider cleaning path.

Clean hard and soft floors
Choose the carpet-care package and use the 6100 to clean a variety of surfaces including concrete, tile, carpet and more.
Increase productivity
Dual side brushes expand the machine’s sweeping reach to clean more floor space in less time.

Inside the 6100
A 360-degree sightlines allows operator to quickly and confidently move through congested spaces with maxiumum maneuverability.
B Protect fixtures and equipment, as well as the sweeper, with the rear bumper and corner rollers.
C Four-sided roto-molded plastic Duramer™ hopper increases time between debris dumping and ensures zero hopper corrosion.
D Slow dusty airflow and stop heavier dust and moisture from reaching the panel filter with Perma-filter.™
E Simplify maintenance with no-tool brush and filter changes.
F Maintain maximum cleaning power with the patented AutoAdjust™ brush cavity that automatically adjusts as
bristles shorten.

sweeping system
Cleaning path
Single side brush 30 in / 760 mm
Dual side brush 38 in / 970 mm

Main brush
Main brush length (tubular) 22 in / 560 mm
Main brush drive Belt
Main brush change No-tool
Side brush diameter 16 in / 410 mm

Debris hopper
Volume capacity 3 ft3 / 85 L
Weight capacity 200 lb / 91 kg

dust control system
Filter area 33.7 ft2 / 3.1 m2
Vacuum fan speed 4,375 rpm

propelling system
Battery Package (36 V) 220 Ah
Propelling motor 0.75 hp / 0.56 kW
Propel speed forward (variable to) 5 mph / 8 km/h
Propel speed reverse (variable to) 3 mph / 4.8 km/h

Full hopper 8˚ / 14.1%
Empty hopper 10˚ / 17.6%

MACHINE specifications

Length 59.9 in / 1520 mm
Width 31.75 in / 810 mm
Height 46.38 in / 1180 mm
Weight (net) 620 lb / 281 kg
Weight (220 Ah battery package) 1,110 lb / 503 kg
Minimum aisle turn 72 in / 1830 mm


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