Blue short microfiber sleeve for hand dusters SPILLO and SNAKE

SNAKE sheds its skin!

Designed with a new plastic support, much more flexible and stronger, Snake offers higher performances and a higher quality standard.

Ideal for dry and wet dust mopping of any kind of surface.

  • Made in Italy with solar energy
  • Latex-free product
White sleeve – microfiber: decitex = 0,7
Blue sleeve – microfiber: decitex = 0,5

Washing temperature: max 60° C
Normal detergent for textiles
Standard mechanical action
Normal rinse cycle
Normal tumble dry
No drying-chamber

Follow carefully the washing instructions and warnings on the detergent packaging (temperature and dosing) before washing
Do not use softener
Do not use chlorine or bleach
Use alkaline detergents with Ph < 11
We suggest to use the specific net bags for the mop washing


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