MORGAN 2010 – plastic trolley

MORGAN 2010 – plastic trolley
Multipurpose trolley, ideal for areas where dusting, waste collection, floor mopping and cleaning of surfaces are required.

COMPLIES WITH THE EUROPEAN GPP GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONSBuckets made of recycled plastic (50% of their weight), PSV (Plastic Secon Life) certified, available in different colours according to their final use
Manufactured with repairable components and / or available as spare parts, to ensure a long life cycle

PSV PRODUCTProduct partially made of PSV certified plastic components – Plastic Second Life: the first Italian and European brand of environmental product certification that guarantees and makes it easier to identify goods obtained using recycled plastics

ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTPolypropylene copolymer components are non-toxic and totally recyclable

  • Made of high quality polypropylene copolymer: light, shock-proof, heavy duty and low-temperature resistant
  • Quick and easy assembling
  • Strong plastic base for supporting and carrying different tools on it and avoiding unpleasant dripping on the floor while cleaning it
  • Strong and rust-proof Rilsan coated vertical frame
  • The bagholder plastic support can be inserted vertically into the base after work to reduce the overall dimensions of the trolley
  • The bagholder plastic support can be equipped with one wheel for a better stability with bags particularly heavy
  • Bagholder 120 L with ergonomic push-bar; equipped with bag-stretchers and reinforcements for a long lasting performance; it is foldable to save space and reduce the overall dimensions of the trolley whenever it is not in use
  • The bagholder is available in different versions: 120 L, 2×60 L and 40 L+80 L
  • Plastic basket useful for the transport of the cleaning tools
  • Buckets 12 L in different colours to separate the different chemical solutions, tools and cleaning equipment in use
  • Two buckets 15 L which allow to separate the cleaning solution from rinse water for better cleaning results and hygiene, saving water, cleaning solution and labour time and consequently minimum effort of the operator
  • Down-press wringer: ideal for kentucky mops and Speedy mop system
  • Flip handle support with rubber roll fitting any kind of handle
  • Latex-free product

Polypropylene copolymer and Rilsan coated


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