The i-power concept is starting to revolutionize &
at the same time standardize our machines with
the same cordless power source. We started with
the i-mop XL, and are now expanding the concept
to our new product range. So that any cleaning job means you are not bound to an outlet, and have the freedom of movement wherever, whenever.


The i-power batteries can save you precious time.
For instance, the process of cleaning a hotel with
a vacuum cleaner means that you have to unwind,
plug in, plug out and rewind the cord in every room. This process costs you 30 seconds every time.
A hotel with 20 rooms adds up to €1000 savings per year.


One set of batteries and one charger are enough for a complete floor cleaning system.
Our i-power batteries power the i-mop, i-vac 5B, i-vac 9B, i-gum B and the i-light XL.


i-power 9: 24V – 8.8 Ah

i-power 14: 25.2 V, 14 Ah

Runtime i-mop XL: i-power 9 is 60-70 minutes

Runtime i-mop XXL: i-power 14 is 60 minutes

Runtime i-light XL: i-power 9 is 25 minutes

Runtime i-gum B: i-power 14 is 40 minutes

Runtime i-vac 5B: i-power 14 is 40 minutes

Runtime i-vac 9B: i-power 14 is 80 minutes

Runtime i-vac 4B Move: i-power 14 is 40 minutes

Runtime i-scrub 30EM Pro: i-power 9 is 119 minutes


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