I-Mop Xl

The i-mop XL represents an opportunity for you to dramatically improve your cleaning
and maintenance operations while saving you time and money. As a heavy duty auto
scrubber, the i-mop will clean floors faster, easier and with better results than
you can achieve with traditional wet-mopping. With a 46 cm scrub deck the i-mop XL

can be used for small to medium spaces.


Application: Indoor, hard surfaces only

Theoretical performance: Up to 1800 m2 per hour

Practical Performance: 1000 – 1300 m2 per hour

Brush Speed: 350 RPM

Brush Pressure: 22,5 kg

Operation Width: 45 cm

Size Machine (l x w x h): 50 x 38 x 120 cm

Weight without batteries: 18,5 kg

Clean water tank: 4 L

Recovery clean tank: 4 – 6 L (max. 8 L)

Material: PP, Aluminum alloy

Power Source: 2 i-power 9 batteries*

Battery: 24V – 8.8 Ah

Run time: 60 – 70 minutes on i-power 9 batteries

Charger type: Off-board

Charger: 110 – 240V, 50/60Hz


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