Ecobot 75

All in one robotic cleaning solution


Ecobot Scrub 75 is User Friendly

  1. Easy to use APP With graphical interfaces and multilevel accesses.
  2. Fast Mapping, Explore the environment by driving the ecobot Manually, and a visual editable map will be generated automatically.
  3. Avalaible for both manual and autonomous operation, which allows it to handle routine as well as unexpected tasks.

Better Performance

  1. The highest safety standard, ECOBOt unprecedentedly employs 4 types and over 23 sensors, including 3D-LiDar
  2. Up to 2500m2 cleaning productivity /hour, 6-hour run time per charge
  3. Top Notch Robotic features, dynamic path planning, real time obstacle avoidance, auto resume after interruption
  4. Front brushes can rotate 270 degree and be 4 cm close to corners and edges, leaving no area uncleaned.

Smart Management

  1. A cloud management platform to browse all date dashboards and work logs of your robots.
  2. Detailed cleaning task reports and working alerts can be sent to you by email or SMS.
  3. Remote control and online tasks scheduling.


  1. 4-stage water filtration system saves 70% of water and allows ecobot to work 6 hours without refilling water


Technical Specifications:

Size = 1370 (L) x 962 (W) x 1417 (H)

Cleaning Width = 750 mm

Cleaning Efficiency : Up to  3000m2/h

Battery : Li-Ion

Average Run-time = 4-5 h

Rated Voltage = 24 V

Max.Power = 2000W

Rated driving motor power = 400 W

Rated brushing motor power = 3 x 150W

Rated Suction Motor POwer = 500 W

Fresh Water tank Capacity = 75 L

Recovery Tank Capacity = 50 L

Sensors = 3D Lidar (Optional), Lasers, Depth Camera, Ultrasonic, E-bumper

Maximum Operation Slope = 10 degree

Working Speed = 0-4 km/h

Noise = 55 – 70 dB (A)


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