DUPLEX 340 Hydro Cleaner

Duplex model created the most high-tech, simple and versatile solution for thorough cleaning and drying of all types of floor. This cleaning includes both solid and liquid dirt recovery, the washes, brushes as well as disinfects and is also ideal for cleaning profiled flooring

It is extremely straightforward and user friendly machines that has compact design, brush and tank positions, and centralised motor combine to product a perfectly balanced machine. With the bi-directionality of the handles, it allows single handed operation. Duplex is unique has its ability to clean up and reach into the tightest corner with ease.

Thorough & effective cleaning
Twin-cylindrical brushes ensure fast & efficient scrubbing especially on grouting & up to wall edge

Effective forwards and backwards
Carefully balanced design ensures that the Duplex is the only floor washer truly effective in forwards and backwards operation

Cleans to the very edge
The unique offset brush design and two way handle allows cleaning to the very edge

Choose from four brushes to suit the required flooring.
BLACK – Heavy Duty Scrubbing

GREY – Hard Floor & Short Carpet

YELLOW – Short/Medium Pile Carpet

BROWN – Horse Hair Brushing



Brush Length = 28cm

Theoritical Treatable Surfaces = 180 m2/hour

Main Supply = 230 V/50 Hz

Brush Power = 1,000 watt

Brush round-minute = 650/750

Sound Level <64 dB

Solution Tanks = 4,2L

Recovery Tanks = 2,8 L

Dimension (LxWxH) = 43 x 35,5 x 110 cm

Weight Empty = 27 kg








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