Disinfect your indoor premises from viruses ( including Covid19, HIV, Hepatitis B, Rubella, etc), bacterias & Fungis, using KLENCO SANIFECT high level disinfectant- Hospital Grade (as per listed on NEA Singapore as a killing list product against COVID19)

Our disinfectant is powerful, convenient, multi-purpose disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria. Yet is non-toxic, alcohol free and neutral pH, making it safe for a wide range of applications methods including fogging.

It technology utilizes pH modifiers that neutralize the ionic bonds of protein envelopes thathold hard to kill viruses together, and then penetrate to destroy the nucleic acid and dissolve the virus in seconds.

It is included in National Environment Agency’s (NEA Singapore) list of household disinfectants/cleaning products effective against Coronaviruses, Link is below:


To ensure the best disinfection process, we are using STORM Ballistic virus killer (made in UK) & Cold fogger machines.

• Quickly sanitise common touch points, reducing risk of cross infection
• Spray disinfectant evenly to give you solid coverage
• Give customers peace of mind – seeing you be proactive in virus control
• Use EPA approved and registered disinfectants proven to kill Coronavirus
• Can be used safely during the day. No risk of setting off fire alarms.